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Welcome to Emergent Publications

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Emergent Publications (formerly ISCE Publishing) was founded in Oct 2004 in order to provide a publishing avenue for authors of multi-disciplinary, cross-disciplinary complex systems papers and books. The heart of our publishing activities is the international journal Emergence: Complexity & Organization (E:CO) which is read by both academics and scholars worldwide.

EP also publishes, in collaboration with Information Age Publishing, the Managing the Complex book series which debuted in June, 2005 with its first volume.

In January 2005 EP developed the capacity to publish complexity related books inhouse. We now provide the necessary support for authors of complexity-related literature to get published in a professional and timely manner. The principal aim of EP is to become the principle publishing house for complex systems-related publications.

More recently, as part of the process of rebranding from ISCE Publishing to Emergent Publications, we decided to emphasize a focus on 'applications of complexity' in an effort to ground much of the abstract academic research in the real world. A major initiative in this particular direction is our new imprint Impact Books, further details of which can be found here.

Over the next 1-2 years EP will be enthusiastically developing a range of services that will make our content more accessible, by giving our readers the ability to search our content and to construct their own edited collections. These Custom Books will be made available in a variety of e-formats as well as traditional print formats. We hope to lanuch these innovative new services sometime in 2011.

If you have any ideas regarding possible future volumes or have a manuscript that you'd like EP to consider then please write to Dr Kurt A. Richardson.

Our latest publications include:

The Social Face of Complexity Science: A Festschrift for Professor Peter M. Allen
Iron has Memory, Rocks Breathe Slowly, Crystals Learn: Long Term Thinking and Cultural Change—Revisited
Emergence, Complexity & Organization: E:CO Annual Volume 12

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